Conversational AI Platform
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Developing the fundamental AI technology making conversational computing a reality

Machine Learning

Advanced NLU

Avaamo’s proprietary NLU Engine helps you process and understand complex user queries with a high degree of precision.

Data Science Automation

Data Science Automation sifts through all your data, understands the top intents, and intelligently labels and categorizes your data to bootstrap your machine learning models.

Knowledge Graph

Knowledge Graph can ingest all your content, documents, and sites and and instantly enable your virtual assistant to learn and respond using that knowledge.

Dynamic Conversation Flows

Avaamo enables dynamic generation of new multi-turn conversations from scratch using ML domains and their associated intents and entities.

Vertical AI


Avaamo’s banking domain is pre-built using conversational technologies to handle conversations related to Loan initiation, Card servicing, Fraud detection, Account management, Mortgage origination, and much more.


Avaamo’s Insurance domain uses conversational AI technologies to handle interactions related to quote generation, Eligibility, Policy amendments, Offers, Claims, and much more across Life, General, Health, Auto, Property, Casualty, Underwriting, and Reinsurance.


Avaamo’s Healthcare domain is built using conversational AI technologies to handle conversations related to service discovery, scheduling, chronic care management, post-operative care, referrals, coverage, billing, and claims.


Avaamo’s Telco domain is pre-built to handle conversations related to plan discovery, prepaid and postpaid purchase and activation, billing, account management, network utilization, digitized customer care, field operations, mobile payments, and more.

Conversation Design

Flow Designer

Flow Designer enables non-technical content writers to create, design, and edit conversational flows quickly with a suite of intuitive tools.

Tone & Sentiment

Detect the sentiment and tone of your customers so you can build dialog strategies to adjust the conversation accordingly.


With Avaamo’s cutting edge speech recognition and speech synthesis, voice input and output is more robust whether from a crowded street or a noisy factory floor.


You can build once and instantly access them on consumer messaging apps, smart assistants, and enterprise channels (such as portals, mobile apps, etc).

Enterprise Services


Avaamo supports integration using APIs, Web Services, ESBs, MQs, Custom Adapters, and much more. Plus it comes with 150+ Pre-built integrations.

Security & Compliance

Avaamo offers enterprise-wide security, while maintaining your access controls and entitlements. With military grade encryption for data in transit and data at rest, and multi-factor authentication, your data is fully under your control.

Flexible Deployment

Whether you need a global secure cloud deployment with HIPAA, PCI, FINRA compliance, a hybrid cloud deployment, or an on-premise deployment, Avaamo offers you the flexibility that your IT team requires.


Drill down to popular intents, channel specific usage, goal specific metrics and other business metrics that can help drive better customer experiences.